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Nov 12, 2013

Want to turn your website into a greeting card? I've got an inexpensive plugin that can help. I also talk about a great service for sending greeting cards.

Your Website as a Christmas Card

wp_echristmaseCard and it has a lot of interesting features such as

  • GoogleFonts support for your text
  • 10 sound files included
  • 16 backgrounds included
  • Handy panel of settings
  • Preview in admin control panel
  • Ability to write your own greeting text
  • Ability to edit styles of text
  • Ability to set a text position (in the settings and in preview mode)
  • Ability to insert a link at the page or to open the eCard automatically
  • Ability of the eCard to be displayed in fullscreen mode
You do have to upload this Wordpress plugin via ftp because of the large amount of music files. It's $14

I Love But What Are They REALLY Selling?

I found a GREAT service that allows you to send quality greeting cards (with our without a gift) for next to NOTHING. I was AMAZED at how easy it was. Then I saw time and time again how I could make money with I was thinking to myself that apparently have an affiliate program. I thought COOL cause I REALLY loved their service. It was super easy, super affordable. WOW. I accidentally purchased some credit for more cards thinking I had to be a customer to be an affiliate. When I was in my account I couldn't find a link to refer friends anywhere (there are links all over the website about money making opportunities). I got on the chat and found out the whole "make money with is a scam" if you compare it to your typical affiliate program. I have changed the name of the tech support person (who did try very hard, but they are shackled by poor policies). Chat session started at 19:06:56 Please be patient while you are being connected with an operator ... You are now chatting with Jughead Jughead:Welcome to SendOutCards! How may I help you today? David:Jughead, I just sent my first card, and signed up for the "Pay as you go" plan for being a referral. I'm assuming I get some sort of link to pass on to potential clients, but I can't seem to find it. Am I on the right track? Jughead:That is a great question. You did not sign up as a distributor so you will not get your own link to refer others to but if you would like to, you can provide them your sponsor's link which would be David:Awesome. Thanks I think thats all I need. have a great night. so in my case it shows my Id as rxxxxxx so it would be ? I see that is my username... Jughead:No, it would be your sponsor's ID number which is xxxxxx. You are not a distributor so you do not have your own personal retail site to refer others to. You would have to become a Marketing Distributor for $395 to get that website of your own. David:so to make money at this you need to spend $395? or at least $50? Jughead:Yes. Your account is just a customer account which is a user of the system. To be a distributor of the system and to earn money with SendOutCards you would need to join as a distributor. David:OK. is it possible to get a refund for the amount I just deposited in for future cards, and put that towards a $50 indie distributor? Jughead:We can't do that unfortunately. The points are non refundable. You can upgrade your account for $50 at any time but the points would not be applied towards that. David:so I've given you $31, and if I want to make money with this system I need to spend an additional $50 (not 19). For the record, I'm becoming very upset, and feel I was misled. Jughead:The $31 you paid was for points to send out cards. To become a distributor you have to purchase the Distributor package. I really do apologize if you were mislead by your sponsor but the $31 that you paid for was for points to send out cards. If you would like, I can stop your subscription as you did set up a monthly charge so that you do not get charged each month for points. David:Please stop that subscription. I thought it was pay as you go. I was getting ready to get on the microphone and broadcast and refer people to your service. It will be a completely different show tonight? What kind of company doesn't offer refunds? Is there a number I can call to talk to a supervisor? Jughead:I really do apologize about this David. If you want to cancel your entire account then we can possibly see what we can do about a refund but we cannot apply the $31 that you paid for points to your Independent Distributor package. I really do apologize if this is upsetting you as that is not my intentions. I am trying to clear everything up and make sure that you have the correct information. If you want to close your customer account we would need an Account Cancellation form signed by you. That form can be faxed, emailed or mailed in. I will make a note on your account to approve a refund once we have your Account Cancellation Form. The form is available at the below link: David:OK. I get you can't transfer my $31 toward a ID. Can you just refund it back to me? (and I'll apply it toward an ID). Jughead:Once we get your Cancellation Form we can close this customer account, refund you the $31 and you can then sign up as an Independent Distributor. (So to offer a refund, they have to cancel my account - anybody else think that's weird). I'm glad this was not able to happen as I would've absolutely lost it when I learned that I don't get a referral link (something I get for free with every other company) for $50. David:I want to be a customer, I just don't want the points right now. I need the cash more than the points. Jughead:Well we cannot refund your initial order unless we cancel your account. Also, earning money with SendOutCards you cannot do that on a Customer Account. You would need to sign up as a distributor account. David:Did you cancel my subscription? Jughead:I did cancel your subscription. (here again, Jughead did his/her job). David:Ok. If I sign up for an ID. I will get a link to give out to my audience, and if they buy cards I make money correct? (By ID I meant Independent Distributor) Jughead:You will not. Like I mentioned earlier, you will only get that if you join as a Marketing Distributor for $395. David:So what is the point of being an ID? Jughead:You can earn money and sign people up with the $50 package but you do not get the website. David:I don't need a website I have one of those and an internet radio show. I just need a way to refer people and get credit. So I don't get for $50? How would you know they are coming from me? Jughead:You do not get that website for being an ID. The benefit for being an ID is it allows people to come into SendOutCards and earn money at a lower price. We understand not everyone can afford the $395 right away so we offer a lower package. You can give your distributor number to your referrals but they would need to go to, click on Join Now and manually type in your ID number for you to get credit. David:What a racket. OK. That's all I need to know. WOW. I loved the card. I loved the service. I am HUGE in affiliate marketing and you could have a TON of referrals. I've never heard of such a program. Oh wait I have. It's call amway. Who can I send the link to when I get my radio show done? You're going to be famous Jughead Jughead:I apologize, I'm not sure what you are meaning by " who can I send the link to when I get my radio show done?". David:Who is the head of customer service, or more importantly "marketing", or new customer development. Is there an email address? They are going to love my show tonight. - I got my refund - The beauty of it is if you spend the $395 you are listed as the "Sponsor" of your customers. When they got to the FAQ page it's YOUR contact information (not that is showed first. So you get to pay $395 AND be their tech support. WOW. You also need to be a certified trainer to get paid (per their FAQ). I'm sure this is to weed out "just anyone" being an affiliate, but it sounds like another hurdle to getting paid. How much does it cost to get certified? Well each year it can be as much as $200. This is when this really start to sound scam like in my opinion. If you check out their FAQ it sounds like a big pain in the butt.

Hello Marketing People - Kody Bateman

You have a great service, and I would love to tell everyone about your service. I think you have a revolutionary product. I think some of the wording on your site is not specific enough (tools needs to be "referral link). I also know as someone who promotes products through affiliate links (on occasion) I'm here to tell you you're missing the boat by charging people $395 to promote your service. To get certified every year (for a fee). You have to sell a LOT of cards at .62 a piece to make that kind of money back (I don't care how many levels of referrals I have). Then again YOU would have to sell a lot of cards to make $395 (so is your product greeting cards or the appeal of "Making money referring friends). This reminds of a little thing we know as AMWAY. How about instead you spend $99 on an affiliate scriptand let people promote your CARDS (not you money making opportunity).

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