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Nov 6, 2013

Quote Roller This tool is really cool. I really love tools that allow you to get in the head of your future customers. Quote Roller make assembling quotes a snap. You have a super easy to use templates, and you can customize them with a few mouse clicks. The proposal is web based. This means you can embed video in your proposal. How cool is that? How POWERFUL is that? Wait it gets better. Because it's web-based, you get can get analytics from your proposal. What does that mean? It means you can see how long your potential customer has spent going over your proposal, which means you now know one of two things. Either you know their hot button(s), or the part they are confused on. Either way, you are going to appear super helpful as you are ready to answer their questions, or you going to now how to push their hot buttons until they are screaming for you to pass over a pen. That's where things get even cooler. You can have them sign the proposal, and then pay for (and it ties in with your PayPal account). The best thing is plans start as low a $9.99 and only get as high as $24.99 for all the bells and whistles. You can try it for for 14 days by going to Works!

I had my first consulting call on it was pretty cool. The person submitted a time, I sent back times when I was actually available. It sent me emails and text messages when things were confirmed as well as reminders right before the call. I got off the phone and checked my account and the money was being processed (with clarity taking their percentage) and it was all good. Clarity is becoming a resource for experts, as I see they now have a question and answer section where you can flex you expert muscles to showcase why people should call you. If you're interested in checking it out use the code er227 and get $20 off your first call.