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Oct 21, 2013

Today I review two wordpress themes that are sports related, but could easily be tweaked to be a great network site. Both themes are (basically) $40. The LeaguePress theme can be as low as $9. Here are some features:

The both are responsive and have built in advertising spots. They both have multiple menus and built in social media links (although Game day has a much better setup for this).

LeaguePress has 15 built in home page layouts. Game Play has a drag and drop interface that allows you to build a custom home page.

LeaguePress has 9 color schemes. Game Play has Unlimited color picker for : Primary theme color, secondary accent color, primary link color and widget header color.

Lost In Features? Take a Look at the Finished Product

Wordpress Sport Themes

What I liked about the Game day theme is it seems a bit customizable (please note I do not own either of these and have only watched video demos). The very cool looking scoreboard on game day is optional. This means you could turn it off.

As a Non Sports Theme

I've been asked at times, "Why didn't you set up a website for your very own podcast "network." For the record, I have a website for each show and didn't want to additional maintenance. I could see taking a project with different subjects and making each subject a "League"  where each league would have a link at the top of the page. Each league would also have a section on the front page. I was really impressed with the look of Game Day, and while I realize that League Press could be a much smaller hit to the wallet, I think I would go with Game Day.

Check out the Game Day Demo Website

Check out League Press Demo Site.