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Jan 11, 2015

Today I started playing with Wista Video Hosting. This company understands their audience, what they need, and they make it easy to use and the have a GREAT job of holing your hand virtually the process. Here is a video I made showing the back end of wista. Realize I just stared using the service, and this is my first impression

Their interface is awesome.

Their support seems to read your mind and answer your question before you ask it. They aren't trying to help you make better videos (that's your job). They are helping you make your videos be shared (or lock them down tight) with a simple point and click interface. The one thing I really like is you can see not only how many times the video was played, but how far people watched. That is crucial. You can see if it was replayed. This can point out two things. 1. The video is great - and people watch again and again 2. The video is missing the point, and people need to watch it again because they are confused. I am really impressed.

Wisita Vs Vimeo

Let me say I am a happy Vimeo user. Comparing the two, it seems like Vimeo is has a split personality. One one hand they want you to watch videos on Vimeo, and on the other hand they are a Video hosting company (with tools to help you share, brand, and protect). Their interface is just not as good. Yes, the have help. It's not as intuitive. One scenario that might be happening here is I've been a Vimeo user for about a year (so I forget their first impression). It just seems like there are features I'm not using (royalty free music for my video) that kind of clutter up the place. Where is my call to action? Where is my email integration? These are  features I will use (and may exist, but I'm unaware - but I don't think so). Wistia has a great tool, and as a trainer, are doing a great job of making me understand how to get the most out of their product. After playing with Wistai for 10 minutes this morning, I'm going to be checking to see when my Vimeo account renews. That is another issue, Vimeo only allows you to order their Pro service in yearly intervals ($200). Wisita is $25 a month for the features I need (Small Business Account). This means that Wisita is $8 more a month (but I pay in smaller amounts over time), but if I'm getting more subscribers, I'm getting more sales, then Wisita could easily pay for itself.