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Dec 12, 2016

Got a cool tool you use? SHARE IT 888-563-3228

Thanks to Daniel J Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast for sharing this tool. It's called Themifyflow which is from the Themify people who make premium themes and builders. Themiflow is more of a frame work, it's open source and powerful. Check out this video

I'm Tired of Todd Gross

Todd Gross is the new Nickleback. He was cool at first but over saturation is leading me to hate him. He seems to be THE GUY to promote every single marketing tools (and I understand, his job is to do voice over, and video work, but apparently he will promote anything - which I feel is bad for HIS brand). Today I play a clip from a video that is built on the backend of Facebook. Is sends automatic messages if you leave a comment. It even will switch up its messages if you leave two responses (cause people will never figure out that they are talking to a robot). My point is I know two companies now that have had tools that worked with Facebook (three if we count Soundcloud) and Facebook changes their backend on a regular basis and it breaks stuff.

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