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Aug 3, 2017


is a cool website that focuses on making social image FAST. They have an extension for Chrome and Firefox. Once you add the extension to your browser, you can highlight a quote on any website. Click on the Stencil icon extension on the top right of your screen to add to the Stencil canvas to create an image. The quote pops into the canvas!

They are integrated with buffer, so you can schedule an image (again the focus on fast, and convenient).

You can create up to 10 images for free per month. The first paid plan is only $9 a month and for that, you can create  50 images per month from over 1 million images, 200K icons, 575 templates, and you can upload your own fonts. You can even create logos and watermarks. The Unlimited plan is only $18/month

If you decide to go with the pro account ($9/month) and you're If you're at all unhappy with your PRO account within 7 days of upgrading, they will give you a full refund. I'm assuming that is the same for their unlimited plan as well. 

Take it for a test drive at


This is a cool tool software/app. That allows you to share text, links, images super fast. Check it out at