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Jan 27, 2017

Maybe you are a creative person, and you came up with a great product. The bad news is you're not a sales person, and you need some help with your marketing. Script Engage can help with this. Here is how it works. You enter your target audience (the avatar) and fill out a survey about your audience and what your product does. Script Engage has Copywriting Templates that then take the information you've entered, and created great Sales Copy that is going to convert. In watching the video, I like the idea. I don't buy into the "click a button and it's done theory." There was a tool I looked at previously called Script Doll. This is very similar, but the interface seems a little easier to use (not that Script Doll was hard) I think the bottom line with tools like this is they well take you further than you would on your own, and then you can add the special details that are specific to you and your product.

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Keep Your Wordpress Websites Up To Date

I let an old website die on the vine and it got hacked, which lead to more of my sites getting hacked. Here is what I learned. The site lock protection that Host Gator sells for $10 is good against "baby" issues, if you need a real person to clean your site, you are looking at $80/month per website. For the record Site lock's support was great, but I was not happy when I found out the service I bought was more reactive, than protective.

I ended up using Sucuri who I've used in the past. Their support is good, and it is going to cost me around $200 a year.  It's a pricey lesson learned. So always keep your site up to date.

I'm using manage wp for that, as I can login and update all my sites in one place. Also on my " do not use this anymore" list is bluehost. My sites are taking 10-15 seconds to load. When I get on their chat and wait 30 minutes, they are no help. I can barely do a post.

I've heard alot of good things about Siteground as of late (and I have my Godaddy Reseleler at If you use this link, you can save 10% off

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