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Oct 27, 2013

Rumble Talk Chat WidgetI'm playing with a group chat system to help community members interact LIVE. The system is called Rumble Talk and it's $16 a month (cheaper if I buy a year in advance). Here are the best features: 1. Super easy to install and customize without knowing a bit of code. You click, copy and paste and you're gone. 2. Easily sharable as the system generates a QR code for your chat room that people can scan and share. 3. HTML5 means it works on all devices 4. Integrates into Facebook Fan Pages 5. You can choose to save a history of the chats and see what people are talking about (and export and post to your website). 6. Add your own "blacklisted" words 7. Create moderators with a few clicks. 8. Create a link to the chat room that you can share via email and twitter. 9. Free 3 day trial with the only restriction being you can only have 4 people in the chat. 10. If you have the skills you can do further customizations using CSS. Check it out at I see on their blog that they give you tips on using CSS and more. I've only used it for a week and I'm already getting idea for future episodes of my School of Podcasting podcast from what people are asking in the chat. You can see that in action at