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Aug 3, 2014

We have talked about Contest blitz in the past which is a great tool for growing your email list, today we look at Raffle Plus which is a $19 plugin that allows you to create a prize and allow people to enter via facebook like, G+, twitter, blog comment, or email subscription. You can assign points to each action. When a contestant goes to the contest page they will see their totals. It's an interesting tool, but its hard to get a grasp on as the developer doesn't even have a description tat properly explains what it does (I learned by looking at the screen shots). There is no video explanation, etc. So for developers, there is a lesson to be learned here. I don't think I would buy this just because it looks like ti was designed by some guy in his basement  - because it probably is. Where a system like Contest Blitz  has a bit more pizzazz, and professionalism. I know Raffle Plus has more features (it will randomly pick or winner oyou can manually do it) but I would be more inclined to go with Contest Blitz. Check out Raffle Plus at Code Canyon Check out my previous review of Contest Blitz Momentum Chrome Extension This is a cool free extension that makes the default page when you open a new tab in chrome that shows your time. You type in the ONE THING you need to get done. It also shows your weather and links to a to do list, and apps. It's pretty cool. If you are using chrome check it out. It's free. Note to change the clock format, just double click it.