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Sep 22, 2013

Pulse Notify Facebook Notification Plugin for Wordpress

Pulse Notify plugin for Wordpress is an interesting tool that allows you to make very cool "facebook-like" buttons that connect anyone who clicks on them to your facebook page, your email list, and gives you the ability to send notifications to their facebook account (c'mon you know you look at them when they show up). Right now the plugin is going for $27, and I'm truly thinking of testing this one out. It seems super simple to setup, and I can see the power of notifying people on facebook and having them click any link you send. Check it out at


Go Meet Now - Quit Paying Too Much For Web Meetings

I think I've used every meeting program on the planet, but I had never heard of Go Meet Now. Plans start at $12.95 a month and only $1 a month for each additional person. If I used this plan and set it up for 25 people it would be $35. Meanwhile Gotomeeting, and Webex are charging $49 a month. Go Meet Now has the same feature set and has the ability to adjust your spending each month (or even a few days). Why pay for seats you'll never use. This sounds like a pretty impressive tool and you can test drive it for 30 days. You can even take it for a test drive (20-minute limit).

They also have a guarantee that your audience will be able to attend or you receive a refund.