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Sep 29, 2017

I found proof software, which is a script that puts a notification at the bottom of your screen showing you that someone signed up for your product and how long ago.

The idea is "Everybody's doing it" so there is a fear of missing out tactic. The weird thing is their plans start at $29/month, and if you go through your 1000 unique visitors they automatically upgrade you to the next plan that is $79/month (you do get notified that you're over quota, and I'm not sure if you can shut off the service completely). See



Fomo is a product that looks exactly the same except they don't charge on the unique visitors, but how many times the notification is shown (which to me sounded like a better deal). Except there is an issue, you can't order it (at least not no 9/28/17) See

There is a weird discussion on the history of these programs at

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