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Sep 14, 2014

Today I take a quick peak at optinmonster. This is a very versatile tool to help you grow your email liste. See the video at

It seems everywhere I go see an optin monster box popping up at me. I wanted to get a good look. I was amazed at all the options that are available. you have an INSANE amount of control on how your optin forms appear. You can customize it down to the category, post, category and more. You can even set it to only show up on the SECOND time a person visits your site (As well as the expected configuration options as to how many times it shows up and how frequnetly it shows up). The feature that everyone seems to be raving about is the Exit Intent feature. This means that when you go to click on the X to close a tab, the option box appears. This is really cool. There are even cool effects you can use to have the optin come flying in with all sorts of eye catching flare. The one thing I liked about this plugin is there is a large amount of customization that you can put together, but I never had to reach for documentation (not for the record I'm familiar with wordpress plugin installations). The only thing that threw me for a loop was I had to allow aweber and optin monster talk to each other. So when I was told that (it mentions it in the configuration area) they had a direct link to explain how. This was an aweber thing, and not an optin monster thing. The cool thing was it took me next to know time to install, and create my first optin. You then get stats on how many times it was viewed, and how many signs up you get. You can have an unlimited number of forms, and the with canvas option, you have some very powerful tools to create some stunning looking optin forms. We all know what the optin forms look like, but what does the back end look like? Here is a quick video to help you. If your interested in optin skin, check out (affiliate link) OptinMonster