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Jun 14, 2012

If you like Google Hangouts, you'll love ooVoo. This service allows you to chat LIVE with 12 (not 10) people at the same time for Free. It also works on PC, Android, iPhone, iPad and has app for Facebook. Your audience can come from any of these "locations."'s community is over 46 million strong and according to their website "ooVoo provides a high-quality, free, social video-chat service and integrated instant messaging for more than 46 million registered users worldwide. ooVoo enables people to connect with their friends, family and community via 12-way video chat over the Web, Facebook, desktop and any Android or iOS-based mobile or tablet device using cloud-based connectivity. The ooVoo mobile application was awarded the “Best of the Year” distinction in 2011 by PC Magazine. ooVoo is a privately held company headquartered in New York City.

So if you like Google hangouts, but there is always a person who is left out, you might check out oovoo. I also love the fact that it works on so many platforms.