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Jul 27, 2016

Today we have some tools I found to help drive people back to your site. 

Social Locker does just that, it locks content and the only way you can see it is to tweet, share, +, etc on social networks. This plugin costs $25

Show Down is a Hot/Not Rating kind of plugin used for content or pictures. It's a simple plugin that can have your audience helping your decide on your next logo, tag line, etc This WordPress plugin costs $23

The Photo Contest plugin does a similar thing to Show Down (it appears to have more anti-cheating built into it) It costs $41

WP Contest Creator is a feature rich plugin that rewards people for sharing the contest info (bringing people to your website). It even shows contestants their standings as the contest progressive. It clocks in a $99 for a single domain. For me, most of these features are also in Contest Blitz which is only $19