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Weekly Web Tools

Sep 23, 2014

We've heard it over and over that the money is in the list. Today we have a tool that enables people to get on your list by texting a word to a number. Another tool allows you to do full on SMS marketing.  

Join By Text - Well Named

This product does one thing, and it does it well. You can provide a keyword and a number and when people text to it, they are instantly sent a message asking for their email address. When they send it, they are subscribed to your email list. It works with all the typical players (Aweber, Mail Chimp). the cost is $19 a month. For more information go to

Call Loop

SMS MarketingCall Loop is more of a marketing tool that uses SMS. You can have auto responders when people text your keyword to a number . The packages start at free with each text cost .05. The keyword is $10 a month. I've used it for two days and have already had someone sign up and use a coupon that I had automatically delivered. If you wanted to you could also do a voicemail blast where you record a message and everyone gets a call (I hate these myself, we all get a ton of these around election time). You can also integrate this tool into your current email sign up form. By adding a phone field, when someone signs up for your email list they are on both your email and SMS list. Plans go from free all the way up to 99 a month with three keywords. For more information go to