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Dec 4, 2016

Lead pages has now got into the email list game with DRIP its super powerful, comes with a clean drag and drop functionality (18 different triggers) so it so its kind of Convertkit on steroids. The weird thing is (apparently) you can't order month to month. There are no options on their website. You can only order annual packages. You can try it free for three weeks. 

Easy Quiz Player - Make Lists Building Fun

This is a great looking, powerful tool to create quizzes. These can be text, photos, videos, scales, and order questions. It looks great and professional. The best part if you can (with the pro plan) keep track of high scores and have tools to let the visitors brag about their score and invite their friends 

Then you can later export the names and addresses. This could be a fund way to drive traffic and grow your list. I could see trying it for a month to see what happens

Check it out at

Become a Weekly Web Tools Supporter

Go to and join for as low as $2 a month. 

New Show on the Power of Podcasting Network: Alexa Cast

If you've been thinking about getting an Amazon Echo or Dot you can talk to Alexa, check out the Alexcast at to help you get the most out of your Amazon Echo, Tap, or Dot.