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May 19, 2015

We hear it over and over and Blog Post Titles, Podcast Titles are the headlines to your story. It's what gets your audience's attention. The problem is most of the time, its the thing we do last. We are tired, we just want to hit post, and we come up with something "that will do" and hit post. I just spent a few bucks to get a tool called Headlinr that installs in Google or Firefox and it gives you HUNDREDS of examples of headlines. It provides a swipe file of some of the most popular headlines. So when you're tired, maybe a little cranky, and creativity is at a low, this tool comes to the rescue. What's the catch? Well they are going to try to upsell you to another product called Winnr which is a split testing tool. So now you can make great headlines and then use winnr to test and see which one works best (or you can skip it and stick with just headlinr. This is a one time fee ((not monthly) and I'm glad I purchased it. Here is a video of me using for the first time.

Click here for example video I made