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Jun 4, 2013

If you've ever used Google Hanougouts On Air, you know they are a great way to broadcast live for free. they have some great tools like chat, screen sharing, etc. That's the good news. When it comes to setting up, and launching a Google Hangout there are a lot of hurdles to jump over, and T's to cross, etc (see my playlist). Well, I just found out about a cool plugin that simplifies everything and turns your Google Hangout into a lead generating tools. It's called Google hangout Plugin


The plugin adds all the things that Google Hangouts On Air is missing:

•Plug 'N Play simplicity - setup hangouts in 5 steps from your Wordpress dashboard. •Provide Full Registration Facility - Hangouts have been missing the ability to set a date and send registrations to the page - capturing leads. (Hangout plugin integrates with major autoresponders instantly too!) •Provide reminder emails - Send emails to registered event attendees - making sure that the people don't MISS the hangout - getting more people to the event on time. •Allow Registered Leads To Be Exported - One click into csv files •Maintain complete BRANDING Control - This is massive - because the Hangout plugin embeds the hangout into YOUR site, the person is watching via youtube as you live stream the event, but the branding is all controlled by the site. (huge!!) •Follow Up Email System Built In - After the event, send people automatic to thank you emails and links to the replay (automatically done by youtube) 

Quit Paying Monthly Fees For Webinars

Instead of spending $99 for GotoWebinar, or $49 for GoToMeeting, or Meeting Burner, etc. You can have all that functionality with NO MONTHLY FEES. The website says its only going to be $27 until 6/5/2013 Check it out at