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Dec 17, 2014

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Update from last week. We got a notice that wplistbooster is offering no support and apparently has conflicts with lots of plugins. Thanks to Orlando from (a podcast about tech done in spanish).

Explaindo Has Video, Cartoons, and Sketching All in One program.

I've purchased numerous programs that produce videos. One was a white board, the other had cool buttons and characters. Explaindio has all of these plus you can use video as a background and then draw over it, or use animations. Check out this video. Explaindio is $47 as of this writing. 

Landing Page Monkey

Landing Page Monkey is another tool that allows you to create cool looking landing pages with video in the background. This seems to be the latest trend and you can get it through the end of the year for $32. This video shows you how versatile it is to use (almost too many options). They do have a beginner and advanced options so those who don't need all these options don't have to step over them. Check out