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Dec 3, 2013

I found two themes that could be good for those looking to replace Thesis. One is Dynamik and the other is Weaver. Dynamik is a child theme for Genesis that is UBER flexible. It boasts over 800 NO OCDE features that you can implement. You will see in this video while that sounds a bit too flexible, they have it laid out pretty cool is it's still intuitive. The final price of this would be $80 for Dynamik, and $59 for Genesis.

Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis

Weaver II Wordpress Theme

This is a free Wordpress theme with an option for more advanced features for $49. You can really customize everything and the different options are laid out so you can figure out exactly what your edits will do. You can find the free version by installing a new theme and choosing to search for Weaver II. The pro version is at