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May 19, 2017

I was looking for a tool to make a directory of websites. To make a long story short, they are very hard to find. Almost all directories are created to help you find some address so it can be a local business directory or real estate, etc. I wanted something to list websites at Podcasting 

Then I remembered I had purchased a theme a while ago from PremumPress called "Responsive Directory Theme" which I don't feel is available anymore. They too have niched their directories into coupons, dating sites, instead of a once size fits all. I will say the tutorials to get up to speed, and the ability to somewhat customize the look is good. If you're looking to make a directory listing that is not zip code related, good luck. The PremiumPress Themes are $80. 

Web Directory 2.0 For Wordpress


There is one thing that makes it easy to find something you're looking for and that is to buy a product, and whatever you are looking for will jump out of the woodwork. This was the case with Web Directory 2.0. It is an all in one directory script, and for me, I like the looks of it as you can turn off the ability to submit a listing (as I just want my listings) you can charge (but I'm not ) for listing. The only thing that would be nice is a place to have advertisements, but I can always add an advertisement rotation plugin for that. The plugin is $34.

Aparg SmartAd - WordPress Ad Management Plugin

This Aparg Smart Add is sweet, you can create video ads, pop-up ads, adds that you can put in sidebars, you can have images, code, etc. The plugin is only $30, and if you are a person that is selling ads, you can limit their view and have them expire. It looks super flexible. It doesn't facilitate the sale of ads, but controls the view of the ads. For me, I'm not selling ads on my site, I would more than likely put affiliate products.