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Nov 23, 2014

YouTube Channel Graphics CREATOR

Last we talk about some premade graphics, this week we have a tool that makes it super easy to create your own graphics. Its from the people who make the logo creator software (which is pretty cool). They've just expaneded it to be YouTube and yet you can even unshackle it and it becomes a non-specific graphic creator (pretty cool). It's $37. Here is a video: [leadplayer_vid id="5472359703B15"] For more information go to (aff link).

Brute Protect Free Wordpress Theme

This is a great tool that will reduce the amount of brute force attacks on your website. It was recently acquired by Automatic the people who make Wordpress. Its creating a database of people who are attacking other sites (and blocking). For more information go to

New Theme at Weekly Web Tools

I switched from Thesis to Podcast Pro Frrom Appendipity themes. Its a cool theme with lots of flexibility without having too many options. It's $59 and it requires the Genesis Framework.