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Jan 27, 2014

Monkey is a standalone web based app where you can simply login to your account and create countdown(s) inside your account without downloading or installing anything. Once your countdown is saved you are given a code to copy and paste into your pages.  Your subscription includes all future updates/upgrades and because this is a hosted service you'll never have to do any kind of updates or re-installs yourself (our goal is to ensure you never even notice them)

They do have some very cool features. Such as:

Just choose how many days / hours / minutes and your countdown will start counting down for each new visitor that arrives on your page. Smart cookie code means the correct time left will be shown to returning visitors. They call this evergreen so you don't have to worry about the calendar.

You can make date and time countdown timers.  Set your expiration to an exact date/hour/minute.

What happens when time runs out? You have three options:

#1 Do nothing (the timer simply stops)

#2 Hide (the timer is hidden from the page) and

#3 Instant redirect (send visitors to any URL on autopilot) - You can also edit/change a live countdown in your dashboard and the changes will be instantly reflected on your page (no need to edit the page)

This is not a wordpress plugin, although it will work on any website. You can login to your account, configure the look of your timer, configure when and how it will countdown and copy and paste some code.

If you are looking for just a basic Wordpress countdown plug check out countdown widget

 Digital Access Pass and Dime Sales

I started a new membership site using Digital Access Pass. I had never used it, but I noticed they have a Dime Sale feature. This means you set a starting and ending price and then the price will go up based on a number of sales, the length of time, etc. It's pretty cool. I set up my Logical Losers Accountability Club to be $1.00 and the price goes up 25 cents every time someone buys a membership. I did the math and if my top price is $20, by the time I get enough members to make it to $20 I will be making over $800 a month. With this in mind, you may like Dime Sales. I did find a cool tool if you're interested in having a dime sale, but you're not needing a membership site (by the way you can now pay for Digital Access Pass on a monthly subscription).

Easy Dime Sale Plugin

If you want to sell 6 0r 600 units, no problem because EDS has it covered. Just set it to whatever you want. This is a Wordpress plugin, and right now it's only $9.99. It does one thing, and it does it well. it looks pretty cool.

It's only $9.99 t