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Oct 18, 2015

Boost Sales with Better Copy

Ray Edwards is a master copywriter, and right now he is kicking of a course (that I have taken, it's awesome) and you can get a ton of content for free as he unveils his course. Go to

Real 3D Flip Book

The Real 3D Flip book is a great plugin if you want to have a magazine that people can flip through on your site. It's cute, but when it comes to functionality (actually reading the content) I found the demo annoying. I have to zoom in so much, that I have to then use the "hand" tool to drag and drop the page around. Great idea, great looking tool, but functionally it didn't do it for me. It's $32, it may be what you're looking for. You can find it here here is a link to a video

Bookly Wordpress Booking System

Over the years I've used many booking systems. I currently use Appointlet. It's fine. It's simple, and it does what I wants. However, when I saw the Bookly plugin I saw a one time fee and that is it (obviously you might have to pay for an upgrade later). This plugin allows you to have a staff, unlimited services, and in a nutshell you can customize everything. It is designed to look great on mobile devices as its responsive. I'm seriously thinking of purchasing this plugin. It syncs with Google Calendar (and that's about it). You can send text message reminders to your guests as well as email. Here is a quick video to show of how easy it is to use (there is no audio). The plugin is $46.

Here is a video 

LearnDash WordPress LMS

This LMS is for the person who is not only interested in having a member ship site, but in making sure that they actually learn the subject. There are certifications, there are quizes, and all sort of things you can add on to the system. They have features like custom forums per class, but it appears you need to install BBPress for that (and I can never get bbpress to look anything but awful). It starts at $99 and you can find more information here.