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Sep 17, 2013

We hear over and over that the money is in the list and today we have a tool that will help you grow your list through the power of contests. This Wordpress plugin allows you to create a contest, and tie it into every email provider on the planet. Here is how it works. You have something to give away You pick how many winners there will be. When someone signs up to your list, they get an entry to win the contest. They are then given a chance and a unique link that identifies them. When they share this link and someone enters the contest the person who referred them is given more entries into the contest. You decide how many additional entries they get. The price is inexpensive as the truth is behind the scenes they are using this as an upsell to get you to join their membership program. You can do what I did, and take the plugin and pass on the membership site. There is an option where you can purchase additional themes for your contest page. The interface is super simple, and you can add a featured image and it will show up in the contest.

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