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Apr 5, 2016

This is a cool site. If you find a tool you like, but maybe you don't like the price. You type in the name of the website or app, and it spits out an alternative to. For example, I just cancelled my lead pages account. I just wasn't using it enough to warrant the $40 a month . It brought up a bunch of landing page alternatives such as Landini, Front Meter (which looks really cool),

Not sure where I found this, but I’ve been using it for my gmail based accounts for a few months. 
it’s called If you’ve heard of this or already featured it, then disregard. But I’ve been using my email address since 2005. It’s been the ONE constant email address through domain changes, job changes and everything else.
Rather than try to keep up with dummy accounts for subscriptions, I just had everything into that account. I would get hundreds of e-mails a day. I love “inbox zero” and my OCD about it can be a bit unnerving. 
What it does is you can sync your account from a desktop or iPhone (not sure about Android) app and it finds e-mails in your inbox that you might want to “roll up”
Do you need that mailing list thing delivered immediately or can you wait a few hours? It gives you a daily “roll up” of all those subscriber lists, etc. You can of course opt to keep some in normal delivery. 
I have 75 “subscriptions” (sometimes just people who email me a lot) untouched, so they get delivered as normal. I have 183 e-mail lists i’ve UNSUBSCRIBED to using this tool and another 151 subscriptions that get rolled up into one e-mail a day. Sometimes you get 10, sometimes 12, sometimes just 1 or 2.
From a productivity standpoint, it is awesome to know that only the e-mails I want to come into my inbox are filling it and I get ONE email a day (usually in the morning) with the rolled-up e-mails. 
It’s free and i’ve loved using it for the past few months. Inbox is CLEAN!