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Aug 27, 2013

Today we have two affordable wordpress plugins. One stops people from hacking your site, and the other makes great looking price comparisons columns. Super easy! Check it ou at

Hide My WP

We all love wordpress, but because of its popularity, hackers often target it. Today we have a plugin that allows you to hide your files without changing them. It's called hide my wp and its only $20. I have yet to install this on my own website, but it looks pretty cool. The developer gives you his website address and invites to you hack his site (pretty confident). Check it out here

 Go - Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WP The second tool is called Go - Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WPHere is a list of features.

  • 90+ demo table template is included.
  • Unique CSS class name to prevent class conflicts.
  • Video (Youtube, Vimeo, Screenr and HTML5 video) support.
  • HTML5 audio support.
  • Responsive Image support.
  • Paypal button support.
  • s2Member plugin generated paypal shortcode support.
  • Google map – 8 pins are included and uploading custom pins are supported.
  • Huge Admin Panel with tons of options.
  • Visual shortcode editor.
  • Optional and customizable responsivity(!) to fit to your theme.
  • Any number of columns up to 5.
  • Unlimited number of colum descriptions.
  • Unlimited color combination of columns.
  • Unlimited color of tooltip text and background color.
  • Sortable columns and table descriptions via ‘Drag and Drop’.
  • 5 shadow types.
  • 32 ribbons are included and uploading custom ribbons are supported.
  • 36 custom icons (4 color set) for column descriptions – uploading custom icons are supported.
  • 3 size of buttons 3 icons for buttons – uploading custom icons are supported.
  • System and Google Web Font (400+ fonts) support.
  • Translation ready with .mo .po files.
  • Data import & export.
  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version (currently 3.51).
  • Layered PSDs for ribbons.
  • Only the point.