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Jun 21, 2017

I spoke about Bomb Bomb in a previous episode and recently found Loom. As the Bomb Bomb account, I use is $50/month, I wanted to see what I got for $0 with LoomBoth Bomb Bomb and Loom:

Integrate with Gmail
Can be sent via a link (as you end up on a page)
Both integrate with other apps (but Bomb Bomb integrates more).

Bomb Bomb Can:

Do a video autoresponder

Segment different recipients and send email

You can customize the page that people are taken to watch the video.

Can track if someone has not only opened your email, but you are notified when they click the video

Loom Can:

The page has a place where you can not only watch a video, but there is a chat box and a text box if you want to put links that you mention in the video. This might be good for teams.


In the end, Bomb Bomb has more polish. They appear to have more features as if they've had a few years head start (they did). If you have it in the budget and would like a video autoresponder, check them out. If you just want video email and don't care that the first frame of your video is awful (and want to kick the tires on the idea) then check out Loom.

In both cases, I've found video email gets great results.

Weekly Web Tools Supporters had access to a behind the scenes video of Loom. See