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Apr 6, 2017

I've used Covideo in the past, but I had to go into my Gmail when I used it and change some settings that set off all sorts of security warnings. Their answer was to send it through their website. In the end, I ended up not using it and eventually unsubscribed. 


I tried creating videos in Camtasia and uploading them and sharing them on a Google Drive. That strategy was free, but it took forever. So the BIG thing that bomb bomb delivers on is speed. 


Their smallest package allows you to send video emails to 2500 people (unlimited emails and videos). It does not give you the ability to auto responders (drip), or create landing pages. 


The individual plus plan $69 a month ($49 if you purchase a year) allows you to create landing pages, and send auto responders. It also gives you email and phone support. The smaller package you just have access to their tutorials (which are very good). 

Check it out at

Speed Up Videos For Free

As I was watching the tutorials for Bomb Bomb at 2X, I was euphoric I had the Video Speed Controller extension. It works on any HTML player (including Netflix). 


Clean up the Typos

In the past, I've told you about Grammarly, but somehow I was not using it to its full potential. Now when I start an email message, a Facebook post, a forum post, etc. Grammarly is there to make sure I don't look like an idiot. As I type this now, i see that I have six issues in the above paragraphs that I will troubleshoot before publishing this. It's a great tool to stop those of us who are spelling challenged. 

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