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Oct 13, 2013

I just watched the video for WP Bad Ass Countdown and went to youtube to see if I could get a video. There are a bunch of "Don't buy this plugin" videos. None of these videos had a bad thing to say about the software. Not a single word. All the negativity was about the marketing and that they might be a bit of over hype. So let's state what the plugin does.

1. You set a date

2. A timer counts down

3. As time counts down, the price counts up. You pick by what increment (a penny, a nickel, etc) and how fast (a second, a minute, a day)

4. You have complete control of the timer look and the price's appearance.

Currently, you can get this plugin for around $8.


What's the Flack About?

More and more developers are using their plugins as a lead into other items. In other words, when you buy this product get ready for an upsell. Here is a thought: just say no. That's right. Take the value of the low priced plugin and go back to your website and use it. Was that so hard?

Musicians have raised the price of t-shirts to make up for the fact that music sales are down (thanks to everyone sharing it for free). It's the price of doing business. Musicians want to eat just like you.

With people starting to think of plugins like "apps" for their phone the price is dropping. That's good, but developers have to eat too so they have upsells.

Nobody is bleeding, or dying from an upsell.

Get the plugin