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Dec 29, 2014

Backup Creator

I purchased Backup Creator and I love it and it costs half the price of Backup Buddy and I can put it on any number of sites I own. I mentioned htis plugin a while back, and when I went to update backup buddy I thought I would check it out, and I'm glad I did. 

Canva Design School is a free list of tutorials to help you make better graphics.

Elegant Themes Divi Theme Forever?

Elegant Themes Divi Theme is super powerful, but it uses a TON of short codes. It appears that if you use this to create your website and later decide to switch themes, you may end up with a page of just short code (I need to contact their support to see if this is true). On the other side of the fence, the theme is so powerful, why would you leave? 

See a video at

Cool Plugin Driectory that Uses Rankings has a cool tool that allows you to see Wordpress Plugins are popular. It does this by downloads, rankings, etc. It's pretty cool and you can look at different categories. 

Check it out at Goto Webinar replacement

If you have small meetings, and don't need people to register this is a great service for $9.99 a month. It allows people to join on PC, Mac, or tablet. it even lets tablet/phone user share their screen. It's pretty cool. Check it out at