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Nov 16, 2016

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If you are a web designer and have been thinking about adding mobile apps as a service to your customers, then today we have a tool for your.

Mobimatic Make Mobile Apps in Minutes

You can build apps for iOs and Android and Web Apps.

Build apps with a drag and drop interface and  point and click.

Easily build apps for restaurants, stores, bars, Coaches, gyms, Marketers, Media Organizations, Schools Governments and Churches.

Build and unlimited number of apps

Add unlimited pages



Add your QR code,

Your website blog

Your Podcast

Get analytics on the app and audio updates.

Each app has its own unique dashboard. To make it super-easy to find and manage, each app you build and sell will have it’s own unique admin panel, enabling you to keep an eye on your overall operations with just one glance

From this back office, you can easily edit and update apps, send push notifications and in-app messages, manage coupons and special offers, track your user base and easily view sales and app owners can have a personal at a glance view from this dashboard. 

You can give your users access to this dashboard and charge them for the privilege… Or why not offer an extra service and manage it all for them…and charge them a monthly fee! (For hardly any extra work on your part!)

Weekly Webinar Coaching

Training Library of tutorials

The entire back office is fully White Label*… meaning our name and logo will not be anywhere. Your customers will never know we exist. Leaving you looking the ultimate business professional that you are. 

24/7 support and a 30 Day guarantee

Check out this video

More information about Mobimatic

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