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Nov 8, 2016

I've used Schedule Once. I switched to Appointlet because I wanted to charge people for my consulting calls. Appointlet was $30 a month. It was a fee I would put up with to avoid chasing down invoices. Then I heard about Acuity Scheduling. If you are a person that books their time, this is HANDS DOWN, as in no contest the best scheduling tool. Here is why.

I can create multiple types of appointments (if I want to go there each with their own time constraints)

It syncs with any calendar out there (both ways)

I can customize my schedule page, and it embeds in everything (they even have a Wordpress plugin)

I can create coupons and/or products to upsell.

I can have a separate link for each appointment type. For me I have one link for consulting (which involves fees) and another for interviews (which are free)

It integrates with a ton of stuff. For me, it creates a client, and an invoice in Freshbooks.

It accepts a stripe and paypal (I'm using both).

The best part is all of this is $10 a month. If I go $20 a month I get reminder emails and text message

If you go to the $36/month they take off the " “Powered by Acuity” on scheduling page.

In three words. I love it.

There is also a free plan, and a free trial. Check it out at

Freshchat Simple Light Chat System

I've been using for a while as my chat system. It works. shows me what people are looking at, and I can load it on multiple websites. It also acts as an app on my computer. Recently the people who created Fresh desk ( a ticketing and support system I love) released Fresh chat. This is super simple, light and fluffy. You can edit the text and appearance of your chat box, specify what information you need before you join the chat. With freshchat they say "With contextual information available in Freshchat, you can make a decision to manually or automatically, and send targeted messages to the people who you think are interested in your product."

Right now it's free, and while I like the interface and tools, I didn't see anything that inspired me to move off my current system, but I need to kick the tires a little harder to make sure I'm not missing anything.

Check it out at