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Dec 22, 2016

Today we have an easy way to create support and educational videos and some tools for finding the best hashtags


Thanks to Mark Johanssen of for the tip on this.

Tools mentioned today

Dec 12, 2016

Got a cool tool you use? SHARE IT 888-563-3228

Thanks to Daniel J Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast for sharing this tool. It's called Themifyflow which is from the Themify people who make premium themes and builders. Themiflow is more of a frame work, it's open source and powerful. Check out this video

I'm Tired of Todd...

Dec 4, 2016

Lead pages has now got into the email list game with DRIP its super powerful, comes with a clean drag and drop functionality (18 different triggers) so it so its kind of Convertkit on steroids. The weird thing is (apparently) you can't order month to month. There are no options on their website. You can only order...

Nov 23, 2016

Got a Tool? Call in 888-563-3228

Sometimes we come across a tool that makes you ask, "What's the catch?" This week is one of those.


Freelancers get paid as early as one day after job completion

Employers see certifications, reviews and more to get the best candidates.

Zero costs for joining, posting...

Nov 16, 2016

Call in your Web Tool 888-563-3228

This episode is sponsored by Golance

Work. Hire. Live. goLance Around The World.

If you are a web designer and have been thinking about adding mobile apps as a service to your customers, then today we have a tool for your.

Mobimatic Make Mobile Apps in...