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Weekly Web Tools

Feb 21, 2015

Today we have a tool to help create copy for your website. It's Call Script Doll, and it's pretty cool. You put in the demographics of your audience, you put in your product, and from there you can have it spit out sales letters, email blasts, video sales letters and more. It's impressive. It's not perfect, and like...

Feb 15, 2015

Pingdom Speed Test with Website Grader

I found to be very cool as it shows you how long it took your site to load, what slowed things down, and gives you a grade. The best part is its free.

Vallue Add On Membership Site Tool

I was using Digital Access Pass (protection and processing), Wistia (videos),...

Feb 8, 2015

Easy Video Sales Letter

If you've seen those cool videos where the words and the audio are in sync, then you will love Video Sales Letter. You simply type in your script record your voice and the software does the rest. you can add transitions and more. It's only $47 for a single user license. You can find out more...