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Dec 28, 2015

E-Junkie Has A Simple No Mess Setup

E-junkie has the ability to sound digital downloads via a buy now or a add to cart button. For $5 a month you get unlimited transactions and you can store up to 200 MB. As the typical Paypal fees are 2.9% +.30 cents per transaction. If we through out the 30 cents, it would be 1$172 to...

Dec 21, 2015

Pro Styler Evo Theme

I recently learned about ProStyler Evo and I purchased the theme. It's a great theme and it's super flexible. It (pretty much) allows you to build pretty much any site you see you can recreate it. The one thing that caught my eye is you can easily add (or take away) columns, and then via drag and...

Dec 17, 2015

Time Doctor Vs Rescue Time

I've used Rescue Time for a few years. It's a "set it and forget it" solution so that you can say "Who spent 14 hours on YouTube yesterday?". Rescue time is not really meant for payroll (in my opinion) but I've found it very useful. In the same way that tracking your food intake will open your...

Dec 14, 2015

WP Site Guardian

This plugin shows you how easy it is to hack a Wordpress site, and then it shows how after installing their plugin your website is safe.

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Vid Stickers

Vid Stickers are a cute way to make your videos stand out from everyone else who is using the same software as everyone else. The best...

Nov 30, 2015

I stumbled across two tool that you can use to create screencasts. The first one is called Screencast-o-matic and the other is Jing.

Screencast-o-matic allows you to record 15 minutes of video. You can record your screen and webcam, save the file and publish to YouTube. The free version will put a watermark on your...