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Jul 29, 2014

If you are doing any kind of affiliate marketing through amazon, you have got to check out this plugin. It's called Fresh Bundle Master. It starts at $17. and you can send multiple products to amazon instead of having them click on a single product at a time.   Instead of having your visitors click one product at a time...

Jul 20, 2014

Mobile Responsive


13 templates and make your own


Redirects to a new page. You can use cookies or ip address so they never see that page again. 


Page expiration page - 


Put countdown on other sites.


Jul 13, 2014

Today I share a conversation that I had on the Ask the Podcast Coach show with Jim Collison from the Avergae Where I had told him about Buffer, and now he is playing with Social Bro. It's a cool tool that gives you crazy insights into your twitter followers, and it also has a powerful search tool for finding your...